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The footer of Eonet is formed by two areas:

  • Widgets area
  • Copyight area

You can edit both of them in Theme Settings > Footer.

Widgets area

Eonet allows you to choose among 20 footer layouts, you can select the one that you prefer in the theme settings and a javascript script will change automatically the width of the columns of your footer.

Theme Settings > Footer

The columns will be filled one after the other following the order of the widgets in the footer sidebar (in Appearance > Widgets). If the widgets inserted are more than the number of columns of the selected layout, a new row of widgets will be created below the first one.

Of course, some widgets can have a bad look in a some column sizes, so it’s assumed that you will carefully choose the widgets and the widgets layout

Copyright area

It’s formed by 3 areas, left, center and right; so that you can align its contents exactly as you prefer.

You can change its content in Theme Settings > Footer.