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Eonet comes with two menu locations:

So you need to create two new menus in the Appearance > Menus page in WordPress. Then assign each one to its proper Theme location:

Top Menu


  • You can use submenus and mega menus in this menu.
  • The search icon can be enabled from the Theme Settings
  • The sidebar icon can also be enabled from the Theme Settings.
  • Feel free to use icons as well.

If you need to use the Mega Menus, you have to add the class: “eo-megamenu” in the parent item’s options:

and then add columns as second level menu and links as third level menu:

Community Menu


  • We recommend you to use icons.
  • You can change how the item’s label is displayed through the Theme Settings > Navigation.
  • The search icon can also be activated in the Theme Settings.