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Google Signing

We will see in this article how to add Google login and register to your Eonet’s signing page.

First, let’s enable it through the Eonet Theme Settings, you should keep this page opened during all the process:

Secondly, you need to open your Google developer dashboardhttps://console.developers.google.com/

If you do not have any project yet, create one and name it as you wish.

Click the “Enable API” button:

Select the “Google+ API” and enable it by clicking the “ENABLE” button.

You can now reach your “Credentials” page and “OAuth client ID“:

The application type is “Web Application” and you need to set as “Authorized redirect URIs” the callback URL found in your Eonet Theme Settings (see first screenshot above).

Once done, you will find an unique Client ID and Client Secret that you can copy/past back in the Eonet Theme Settings.

All good!

Note that Google offers several option to customize the integration (logo and text).