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Eonet comes with a custom Login / Register page that you can fully customize. This page is very important because this is where your users can register and login to your site.

In order to activate the custom Eonet Login Page, please go to the Eonet Settings > Signing > General:

Consequently, a WordPress page named “Login” will automatically be created. This important that you keep the name “login” so it redirects you properly.

As of now, any user trying to login / reset his password / create a new password will be redirected to this page. As well as any unlogged user who would try to reach a restricted page.

You can change the layer color, background and texts to make it your way from the same Theme Settings panel.

The login page’s content is also being used in the Signing popup, which is displayed whenever the top right button is clicked.

Additionally, you can deactivate the default BuddyPress signing WordPress toolbar: